Wyrmwood Gaming Is Back With An Even More Versatile Gaming Table

Wyrmwood Gaming Is Back With An Even More Versatile Gaming Table

Remember when I, somewhat rudely, went on and on about how amazing Wyrmwood Gaming’s Modular Gaming Table is and how it’s such a shame that you couldn’t buy one?

Well it’s time to put away the pity party pants and get out your wallet, because the modular gaming table is back and version 2.0 is bringing more woods, more accessories, and more table options!


Wyrmwood Gaming is a leader in handcrafted wood gaming accessories and high-end gaming furniture. Like, really high end. Like, so high end, the price of configuring one of their Prophecy tables looks more like the price of your first car out of college.


While they may have the Lamborghini of gaming tables, the fact remains that most of us are stuck driving Toyotas. Wyrmwood wanted to create a table for those gamers as well, something affordable, that could grow with you over time, and still outperform the rest of the market.

The Modular Gaming Table is a gaming table that can be converted, at home, from a small 24×44 end table to an 8-person dining room table that’s bar height. It has a deep gaming vault cover with a felt play surface that can be covered by magnetic toppers and has a wide variety of gaming accessories that click into side rails that run the length and width of the interior and exterior of the table.

With MGT 2.0, Wyrmwood Gaming has added even more options. Now you can select a standard or wide width table or eschew the rectangular table altogether for a hexagonal table! Honestly, the hexagonal table might be my favorite in this campaign. The shape is perfect for a dining nook and for things like poker night, a hex table is the perfect format.

As your furniture needs change, the Modular Gaming Table can change with them. You can get taller or shorter legs. You can switch out the side rails to make the table longer or shorter (except for the hex, of course).

Some Assembly Required (But It’s OK)

While self-assembled furniture brings with it a certain stigma, Wyrmwood is doing things right. Each table comes with special bits for your drill (no flimsy allen wrench here) with a final assembly that’s as solid as if it was put together in the Wyrmwood workshop. I was able to assemble my own table in less than an hour and over a year later, it hasn’t needed a single screw tightened or bolt adjusted.

The trade-off, if you can call it that, is that you can’t “pull apart” the table and slot in additional leaves just for the holidays. If you need to change the table’s size, you’ll need to partially disassemble the table, add new side rails and a new bottom piece (possibly new legs if you’re changing the height as well), then reassemble and add new leaves on top. It’s more work, definitely. Then again, the idea that you can completely change your coffee table into a full-sized dinner table after delivery is a completely new concept.

You Just Eat At Your Table? That’s…Cute.

As nice as the table is, it’s the accessories that really bring the MGT to life. One of my friends spends a solid five minutes every game night just clicking accessories in and out of the magnetic rail.

All the original accessories from the first campaign are available again: cup holders, accessory trays (that can be flipped and nested together), a wireless charging platform, battle grid, dry-erase overlays, card shelves, GM desks, and player desks! But now there’s even more for even more use cases.

Wyrmwood is out to show that the modular gaming table is for much more than gaming. The game deck, that originally just placed a raised surface in the middle of the table, has been overhauled so that the lid slides back, giving you access to the storage space within. Even better, there’s a new set of modular hobby trays that work with the new magnetic rail hobby shelf. The hobby shelf comes with a variety of end caps so that you can keep things like brushes handy.

If you’re getting a topper block to store your toppers when they’re not on the table, or if you have one already, you might wonder what you’re going to do with it when it’s not being used on game night. There’s a solution for that now as well with a topper lid that flips over and becomes a gigantic dice tray (with convenient cutouts so that it works with Wyrmwood Gaming dice towers). If you don’t want a giant dice tray, you can also get convenient corner trays.

Other accessories have been borrowed from other projects, like the controller and headphone caddies, and mug holders from the modular desk, or converted to be table compatible, like the trackers and magnetic bottle openers from the hex tile project. Plus there are magnetic holders for tablecloths, neoprene surfaces, and more.

Suffice to say, no matter what you want to use your table for, there’s a configuration that will work for you.

But How Much Will It Cost?

As production and supply costs have risen, so has the base price of the MGT. Even so, a coffee table-sized table in rustic elm or maple (rustic meaning it has natural flaws, something I love in woodworking) without a topper starts at $450. It’s not much at all when you consider that’s for a piece of solid wood furniture that can grow with you, as opposed to a table constructed from pressed wood shavings that’s destined for the curb.

As with all things Wyrmwood, as you add table toppers, accessories, and choose more expensive woods, that price rises exponentially (I was able to configure a large, wide table in purpleheart, with topper that was over $10,000 before adding accessories). The thing to keep in mind is that the modular gaming table is not a one-and-done kind of product. It’s the core of their business and they’ll be making accessories and add-ons for your table long, long after this singular campaign. So feel free to get what your budget can handle now, knowing that you’ll be able to get more parts and accessories later.

Speaking of wood, you’ll notice that espresso finish from the original campaign is no longer an option. Despite being the most popular option in MGT 1.0, adding stain to Wyrmwood’s production line caused more issues than it was worth. Luckily, for those of you that have an espresso table, they’ve added an accessory-only ebony wood option just for the Kickstarter. Other Kickstarter-limited, accessory-only woods are lacewood, black poisonwood, and bolivian rosewood. For the table itself, MGT 2.0 is also available in rustic elm, eastern elm, rustic maple, rustic cherry, maple, cherry, zebrawood (limited), wenge, rustic walnut, black walnut, padauk, and purpleheart.

You can configure yours (or just figure out what your accessory wish list will cost) on the configurator page. Something to keep in mind while you recover from the sticker shock of building your perfect table and accessory package, while the more expensive woods look incredible, the less expensive woods like cherry actually get darker and improve in appearance with age.

Sadly, there are still no seating options in this campaign (seating is still only available with the purchase of a Prophecy table). As awesome as the new game deck is, I’d still love a storage bench or under-chair storage for accessories so that I didn’t have to remove them all from the table before I started playing.

How Do I Get One?

Wyrmwood Gaming learned from the company-changing success of MGT 1.0 and they’re approaching this campaign differently, with backing waves of 400 tables each so that there’s a better chance that you’ll get your table in the target month. That’s the good news. The bad news? Having busted past their funding goals in the first few hours of the campaign, all the delivery waves for 2023 are filled and the company’s already taking orders for March 2024 delivery. So if you want to see your table in Q1 of next year, you need to act fast.

The accessory-only wave (for those of you that already have the first modular gaming table) is a little more forgiving, with orders being fulfilled throughout the campaign, starting in June of this year. However, there are already 900 backers at that level as of this writing. As that number creeps up, you’ll have to wait longer to get your new table accessories.

No matter what kind of backer you are, you won’t want to wait. If you’re new to MGT or coming back for round two, get started by heading over to the Kickstarter page to pledge.


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