Will Consumers Rest Easier On Designer Mattresses? Beautyrest Says The Answer Is A Resounding, Yes

Will Consumers Rest Easier On  Designer Mattresses? Beautyrest Says The Answer Is A Resounding, Yes

The mattress, one of the last bastions of the home that hasn’t been touched by design with a capital ‘D’, is capturing the imagination of creatives, including Nate Berkus, who partnered with Beautyrest Serta Simmons Bedding to create the Beautyrest by Nate Berkus collection.

Taylor Beckstead, vice president of Beautyrest at Serta Simmons Bedding, said, “At Beautyrest, we strongly believe consumers should not have to choose between comfort and style. On the heels of the launch of our luxury Beautyrest Black lineup, we’re unveiling our latest design-led sleep collaboration – the Beautyrest by Nate Berkus collection.

For the Beautyrest Black collection, the company approached the design process as if it was a fashion launch. In fact, the in-house design team is led by Lauren Lauricella, who has a background in fashion design.

The design team leaned into trends in luxury home furnishings and fashion to inform the collection’s bold all-black aesthetic, geometric accents and subtle pops of color, which indicate the different options in the line. Luxury materials were also leveraged for the collection, with cashmere on the mattress cover and a new comfort layer in high-end models, which is infused with alpaca, cashmere and silk fibers for maximum air flow and breathability.

The company is as serious about performance as it is about design, with a new targeted zoned support system leveraging the brand’s patented T3 Pocketed Coil technology, which absorbs energy to reduce motion transfer for more uninterrupted sleep and provides 21% more support where people need it most – in the center of the mattress. The Black collection also features new plant-based cooling technology.

The Beautyrest Black launch introduces the full line of traditional and hybrid models together for the first time, offering consumers a full suite of options with a unified look. The Black, which was first introduced in 2006, has become one of the company’s most popular collections, offering an unprecedented level of design, comfort and luxury style.


Berkus is hoping his signature collection will prove to be as coveted. “The partnership came at a really opportune time for me,” Berkus told me. “I wanted to start designing in the sleep category for a long time. I’ve spent the last couple of years really paying attention to the benefits of sleep and having conversations with everyone from Arianna Huffington and her philosophies on the importance of being well-rested to my family and my husband and just kind of taking stock of everything I have going on at all times from dad to husband to designer to business person. I just landed on the fact that it is fundamental to be well-rested and I will do anything to protect that.”

“It dovetails with my design philosophy is that people shouldn’t have to sacrifice design for comfort,” Berkus added. “I’ve designed products in so many categories, from bedding and bath to furniture to restaurants to bars on cruise ships. No matter what it is, I’ve always believed in the power of design and I always felt it mattered. I don’t have anything in my own homes that is an exception to that, from a dish cloth to a coffee mug it matters to me how something was created and whether it was thoughtfully designed. It doesn’t have to be designed by me, but I have such an aesthetic sensitivity for things that are beautifully-made and thoughtfully crafted.

“I guess that’s my answer, that the design of everything matters. There is research to support the fact that design is one of the top deciding factors when people are shopping for a mattress. I didn’t know that before I partnered with Beautyrest, but it makes sense. You’re standing in a showroom with a lot of things to choose from, and I think most people do gravitate toward things that are well-designed first, and then try them out to see if it feels right, and what other degrees of firmness it comes in. It’s not a new theory that the industry has, its been proven.”

Form and function. Beautyrest is always looking for ways to incorporate materials that are better for the environment, in other words, conscious design. “Every item in the Beautyrest by Nate Berkus collection incorporates SEAQUAL
fabric technology, which upcycles recovered plastics from the ocean into a durable and luxurious fabric. For example, each queen mattress includes “50 plastic bottles recovered from the ocean,” Beckstead said.

“Nate is known for his timeless design style,” Beckstead added. “He created an exclusive print for the Beautyrest sleep collection which is a fresh take on a classic herringbone pattern. The mattresses, which are available in varying levels of firmness, feature a white and gray design with black accents. Similarly, the waterproof mattress protector and down pillows lean into that same aesthetic in all white with black accents.”


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