VPI’s New Avenger Direct Turntable Will Spin Your Albums For £35,500

VPI’s New Avenger Direct Turntable Will Spin Your Albums For £35,500

If you have a spare £35,000 hidden down the back of your sofa and you’re a vinyl aficionado, you might be interested in the new Avenger Direct turntable from VPI. This absolute beast of a turntable marries the best of VPI’s direct-drive technology with an Avenger Series chassis to create a high-performance turntable. Following its successful unveiling at the High-End Show in Munich, the Avenger Direct is now available in the U.K.

The new turntable is equipped with the renowned VPI Fatboy tonearm and can also be fitted with up to two additional tonearms of any length or make. It also features self-correcting speed-accuracy which, together with the Fatboy’s VTA calibration precision, ensures that a high-performance setup is easier than ever. The direct-drive technology is the same as used in the VPI HW-40 Anniversary turntable and the 331/3 and 45RPM functionality ensures the vinyl starts spinning as soon as the beautifully engineered Start button is pressed.

The chassis is composed of three layers of bonded acrylic/aluminum/acrylic, with damping material between the layers, locked in by three isolation steel corner posts, three bolts, plus a massive bearing assembly. The corner posts which hold the tonearms have adjustable machined knobs that enable the user to easily raise and lower the height to level the table.


Fully adjustable arm boards are made from 5/8-inch 6061 aluminum for rigidity and grounding. The Avenger Direct also uses the same isolation as found in the VPI Titan turntable with pneumatic air suspension feet.

This is a turntable for the ultimate vinyl connoisseur but if analog is your thing, the VPI Avenger Direct could be your ticket to Nirvana.

Pricing & Availability: THE VPI Avenger Direct turntable is available in the UK now and costs a mere £35,500.

More info: www.renaissanceaudio.co.uk

Tech Specs:

  • Chassis composition: acrylic, aluminum acrylic.
  • Platter: 12″ aluminium (25 lb/11kg).
  • Tonearm: JMW 12 Fatboy gimbal tonearm.
  • Speed monitoring: 2,500 pulses/revolution speed monitoring.
  • Motor torque: 2.68 Nm/sec.
  • Start/stop time: 1 second.
  • Dimensions: 2″ x 17 inches x 10″/55.9 x 43.2 x 25.4cm.
  • Weight: 60lb/27kg.

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