The IRIS A09 HD Webcam From ALOGIC Is An Ideal Meeting Companion

The IRIS A09 HD Webcam From ALOGIC Is An Ideal Meeting Companion

It’s fair to say that the webcams built into the newer laptops are often a step up from some of the truly awful ones that used to be bundled. However, not all of us use laptops and even those that do will often use a large external monitor. What do you do about a webcam in those circumstances? The answer is a separate webcam and fortunately, there are plenty on the market that should fit the bill.

ALOGIC is an Australian manufacturer making a range of premium IT peripherals, consumer electronics and mobility products. The brand’s latest product is the IRIS A09 webcam and it’s now available in the UK and USA.

The IRIS A09 webcam has a smart styling that’s been designed to match the look of new aluminum-finish monitors that seem to be all the rage. The IRIS A09 is a good choice if you want to upgrade from the kind of grainy and poor images that many budget webcams turn out. Having a decent video image is essential for video calls, conferences or taking part in TV programs and live streaming.

Built around an advanced 2MP CMOS sensor, ALOGIC’s IRIS A09 webcam produces 1080P images and constantly tracks and focuses on the user and subjects in the frame. The camera can recognize and focus on movement and then quickly adjusts its video settings to deliver a high-resolution video feed.

To ensure the user’s privacy, the IRIS A09 includes a physical lens cap that can stop hackers from seeing anything through the webcam. As well as high-quality video, the IRIS A09 picks up audio using two built-in, noise-canceling stereo microphones. The sound quality is surprisingly good and it’s effective at cutting down unwanted background noise.

The IRIS A09 is a good choice for Zoom and Teams meetings as well as for recording webinars, vlogs or explainer videos for YouTube. The webcam has a fixed USB-A cable with an ample length and a USB-C adapter for use with laptops that don’t have USB-A ports. The webcam comes with an adjustable clamp for fitting it on top of a monitor. There’s also a tripod thread for mounting the IRIS A09 on a tripod or a ring light.


Verdict: The ALOGIC IRIS A09 webcam produces good quality images and clear sound. It does benefit from having a good lighting setup, especially if the subject is backlit by a window. Setting up is easy as this is a plug-and-play webcam and works well with both Windows and Macs. If you’re looking for an affordable and smart-looking webcam for putting on top of your computer screen for meetings, then this is a smart choice.

Pricing & Availability: The ALOGIC IRIS A09 webcam is available now and costs $69.99 / £79.99 / €99.99.

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