The Healing Company -A New Venture With Ambitions To Revolutionize How We Heal

The Healing Company -A New Venture With Ambitions To Revolutionize How We Heal

Retail and small business has revolutionized many sectors globally, and healthcare is no exception. Alternative healing and therapy is a booming market valued at $82 billion and predicted to grow at more than 22% per annum until 2028 .

The industry, despite it’s fast growth, is made up of thousands of providers. E-commerce expert and entrepreneur Simon Belsham, along with wellness leader Annabel Oelmann saw an opportunity to bring providers together through The Healing Company.

“We want to use this momentum and become the driving force in scaling and consolidating this market segment” says Belsham, co-founder and CEO of the company.

Over the next 36 months the company, with an impressive group of investors including Deepak Chopra as their chief scientific advisor, plans to buy and scale more than 15 direct-to-consumer brands, starting in the holistic medicine and supplements industry.

“Our aim is to help incredible healing brands, products, and leaders have more impact on the world. The power of what we can achieve as a community—a movement—working to evolve health and healing is immense” says co-founder and director Anabel Oelmann.

At the core of The Healing Company’s mission is understanding the needs of the customer in a day and age where more and more people want to understand how to support their own health through the choices they make and the products they buy.


“Retail is ultimately selling to people the products and services that they want and need, and the only way we can do that is by really understanding people’s lives, how they live their lives and what matters to them” explains Belsham.

“Using technology, the way that eCommerce technology platforms and communication platforms have evolved, I think we’ve got an opportunity to really do that”.

The people behind the company have harnessed one of the biggest changes in the retail industry over the last decade – how widespread technology has become. Almost all consumers have mobile phones in their pockets, and are constantly connected by social media. The potential for retailers to create immersive content is endless.

An e-commerce platform bringing together a range of alternative and complementary health providers whilst telling their story and communicating directly to consumers has the potential to connect with the wellness market in ways that were not possible previously.

Belsham has big ambitions for the business. “If we can take some of these principles of understanding consumer centric businesses and apply them to healthcare, then this idea of a disease-free world is not unrealistic within our lifetimes”.

He is in good company. Iceland’s leading entrepreneurs are merging the best of digital with the best of their natural world to elevate global healthcare to new heights.

Times are changing for healthcare, expediated by the pandemic and lockdowns. A sure prediction is interesting and more permanent changes for healthcare provision globally.


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