Super Bowl 2023 Ads: Adam Driver Clones, ChatGPT And Clueless AI

Super Bowl 2023 Ads: Adam Driver Clones, ChatGPT And Clueless AI

During the Super Bowl, an estimated 60 ads will have about 40 minutes to steal the hearts of more than 100 million viewers as the Philadelphia Eagles take on the Kansas City Chiefs this Sunday, Feb. 12 6:30pm ET, 3:30pm PT on Fox. This, according to data provided by media analytics firm,

With AI top of mind, here are my top picks.


The Cloning of Adam Driver

Squarespace’s 30-second sci-fi spot features Adam Driver entering the singularity when he realizes that Squarespace is a website that makes websites – “meaning it could create itself” he says, then realizes “We’re in a closed loop of creation,” before getting swept into oblivion. Directed by filmmaker Aoife McArdle, this alternate reality ad is sure to break the Internet. Watch for it between the first and second quarter.


ChatGPT Keeps Chatter High

While certain AI personalities have remained mum as to whether they’re going to make an appearance at the Super Bowl, like Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Bard or even Baidu’s Ernie, ChatGPT has been busy chatting up a storm for brands. Alaska Airlines featured it in a teaser writing its Super Bowl ad.

Avocados From Mexico also tried to integrate the viral AI bot into its Super Bowl campaign, but dropped it for a QR code which connects to some immersive online experience, the company said. With all the brand’s marketing focused on showcasing tech and innovation, the brand actually decided to go au natural in its ad created by the King of Super Bowl commercials, Bryan Buckley, starring Ana Faris.


Retro Robots We Need In Our Lives

Rakuten enlists Alicia Silverstone to bring back her fashionista Cher character from the nineties romcom, Clueless, where her AI assistant designs outfits that magically appear in her robotic closet that dresses her for the day.


Nanoscaling Lunch

Although scientifically implausible, Jon Hamm and Brie Larson shrink to the size of Pete Davidson’s lunch in Hellmann’s Super Bowl ad.

Celebrity Bingo


Getting ready to play celebrity bingo for all the cameos you can spot? Last year 74% of national in-game ads starred at least one celebrity, according to This year, more than 50 celebrities have already been announced. If you’re playing along, here’s a shortlist of who to watch for, and by best estimates, by quarter.

First Quarter

Kicking off the first commercial break are the M&Ms spokescandies recently mocked by Tucker Carlson for losing their sex appeal. Maya Rudolph will appear with the candies in their rebuttal.


Serena Williams stars in Rémy Martin’s first Super Bowl ad, a minute-long cinematic where she’s cloaked in gold at some swanky bar. Alicia Silverstone will be showing that nineties tech still rocks in her Rakuten ad. And sometime before halftime, Heineken x Marvel will reveal its full Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantomania Super Bowl ad in a nod to sobriety starring Paul Rudd.

Kevin Hart will also be placing bets in Draft Kings ad.

Some time in the first half, Pepsi Zero Sugar will run twin ads starring comic rivals, Steve Martin and Ben Stiller, and while Steve Martin is funny, Ben Stiller wins for over-the-top hilarity. I lost it when he warns his reptilian nemesis to stay away from his wife. Taking place during the first and second quarter is also Adam Driver’s adventure into the Singularity for Squarespace, which will be hard to top.


Second Quarter

Amy Schumer magic erases her exes, Giannis Antetokoumnpo magic erases moments in the game, and Doja Cat unblurs a fan selfie with Google. Ana Faris eats forbidden fruit in Avocados From Mexico. Pete Davidson makes a Jon Hamm and Brie Larson sandwich with Hellmann’s.


Will Ferrell teams up with General Motors to feature electric vehicles into the most iconic moments of Netflix shows, including Squid Game’s “Red Light, Green Light.” Megan Trainor gets her hand stuck in a Pringles can. P Diddy composes a jingle for Uber One. Nick Jonas introduces a next generation continuous glucose monitoring device from Dexcom. Sarah McLachlan goes camping with Busch Light. Serena Williams, Brian Cox, Jimmy Butler, WNBA’s Nneka Ogwumike, Tony Romo and others star in Michelob Ultra’s Caddyshack. Elton John joins Jack Harlow and Missy Elliott in Doritos Love Triangle. Miles Teller, his wife Keleigh Sperry and dog Bugsy get swept up dancing to hold music in this sweet Bud Light ad. And Downy reveals its mystery celebrity. (Guessing Jason Sudeikis?)


Third Quarter

Kiss’ Paul Stanley, Ozzy Osbourne, Billy Idol, Joan Jett, and Gary Clark Jr. star in Workday’s ad asking office workers to stop calling each other rock stars. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul revive their roles to perfection in this Breaking Bad ad for PopCorners. Jeff Ross and friends roast Mr. Peanut. Dave Grohl will be starring in Diageo’s first Super Bowl ad for Crown Royal. Rob Gronkowski aka Gronk will attempt a field goal for FanDuel.

Fourth Quarter

Snoop Dogg kicks back with Martha Stewart in the Oval Office in Skechers. Melissa McCarthy and her husband Ben Falcone make their escape in


Other ads to watch for include E-Trade baby, Kia (hopefully with its robot dog), WeatherTech, possibly Duncan and Molson Coors which has partnered with DraftKings to ask fans to choose the brand to take its 30-second spot: Miller Lite or Coors Light.


Trailer premieres include hotly-awaited ones for The Flash and Scream VI and there’s a cute Paramount+ ad starring Sylvester Stallone, Beavis and Butthead, Dora The Explorer and the cast of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

Gone Local

In lieu of spending $7 million or more for a 30-second national in-game spot, several brands have opted to do regional in-game ads instead. This includes the world’s largest brewer, Anheuser-Busch, which is teaming up its most iconic brand Budweiser with Kevin Bacon for ads to air in Providence RI, Portland ME, Springfield, MA, St. Louis MO, Boise ID, and parts of New York, Pennsylvania and California. Unfortunately no moving Clydesdale this year. Last year, the brand did a national ad directed by Oscar-winning Chloé Zhao.

Smaller brewer Samuel Adams which last year featured Boston Dynamics robot dog Spot is trying to spread some sunshine this year with its local ad. “We spend a fraction of what we’d have to spend for a national spot – about one quarter as much,” said Boston Beer Company Chief Marketing Officer Lesya Lysyj, explaining that some markets cost 1,000 times less than a national spot, making it possible to have a presence among much bigger players.


Alaska Airlines has also opted to stick with local television which can cost as low as $100,000 for certain markets and up to $1 million for designated market areas like New York City and Philadelphia, a company spokesperson said.

And Oikos yogurt is doing regional ads starring Deion Sanders and family.

Drop your favorites in the comments and enjoy the game!


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