Samsung Announces Super-Fast 990 Pro M.2 SSD

Samsung Announces Super-Fast 990 Pro M.2 SSD

Samsung has announced the 990 Pro M.2 SSD, which offers speeds of up to 7,450MB/sec making it one of the fastest consumer SSDs available.

It’s no slouch with its read speed too, which stands at a claimed 6,900MB/sec. The new M.2 NVMe SSD is based on PCI-E 4.0, which means current and some older motherboards will be able to tap into these speeds in full without any upgrades needed.

“With continuing innovations in gaming, 4K and 8K technology as well as AI-driven applications, consumers’ need for high-performance storage is growing exponentially,” said KyuYoung Lee, Vice President of the Memory Brand Product Biz Team at Samsung Electronics. “The 990 PRO provides an optimal balance of speed, power efficiency and reliability, making it an ideal choice for avid gamers and creative professionals seeking uninterrupted work and play.”

The 990 Pro SSD, Samsung claims, also has a 55 percent improvement in random read and write performance compared to the 980 Pro, courtesy of 1,400K and 1,550K IOPS for read and write speeds respectively.

Pricing in the UK stands at £154.99 for the 1TB model and £283.99 for the 2TB model that will be available in October, with a 4TB model available in 2023.


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