Plugable’s Thunderbolt Transfer Cable Can Shift Terabytes Of Data In Minutes

Plugable’s Thunderbolt Transfer Cable Can Shift Terabytes Of Data In Minutes

Suppose you’ve recently got yourself a new Windows laptop. In that case, you’ll want to shift the data from your previous computer so you can have all those photos, music files, videos and other stuff you’ve accumulated on that shiny new machine. Fortunately, the Thunderbolt interface that many computers have these days is capable of very high speeds when transferring data between computers or an external drive.

So, what is the best way to shift data from one computer to another? Using the medium of cloud storage or an external drive can take hours to move large quantities of data. Depending on the amount that needs to be transferred, shifting files from one computer to another can take hours.

Computer accessory brand Plugable has announced a solution to this problem. It’s a new Thunderbolt Transfer Cable (TBT-TRAN) and can transfer the contents of one Thunderbolt-equipped Windows computer to another at speeds up to 5Gbps. That’s a staggering five times faster than using USB 3.0. The cable can shift 1TB of data between two computers in minutes instead of hours. The only proviso is that both computers need to be Thunderbolt 4, Thunderbolt 3 or USB4 compatible and running Windows 10 or later.

To get the maximum speed from the TBT-TRAN cable, Plugable has included a license for Easy Computer Sync software by Bravura. The software securely transfers essential files between two Thunderbolt-equipped Windows computers with direct port-to-port access. There’s no need to use an external hard drive and no limit on file sizes that can be transferred. Once the Bravura software has been downloaded and installed, you can make unlimited transfers of unlimited data across any number of computers. It’s an ideal solution for an IT company offering services to set up new laptops by transferring files from old computers.

The direct transfer of data is faster than using cloud storage or an external hard drive. As well as transferring data between two computers, the Plugable TBT-TRAN works as a high-quality Thunderbolt cable rated at 40Gbps.

Pricing & Availability: The Plugable TBT-TRAN cable will be available from October 18 from Amazon for $49.95 with a $3 coupon.

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