Photoshop’s Latest Magic Trick Makes Objects Disappear Instantly

Photoshop’s Latest Magic Trick Makes Objects Disappear Instantly

Photoshop 2023 has been released and it’s making it easier than ever to make objects simply disappear.

The latest version of Adobe’s industrial-strength image editing software was released yesterday and I’ve been testing one of the standout new features of this year’s update – the ability to make unwanted objects vanish with two clicks.

Photoshop has long had the ability to erase items from photos and fill in the gaps, something Adobe calls Content Aware Fill.

However, the tools have been streamlined for this latest release, making it a matter of mere seconds to wipe unwanted intruders from your images.

Take this group photo of people exercising, for example, which is one of my own images and not one of Adobe’s carefully curated samples:

Let’s say I want to remove the woman on the right from the image. Using the improved object selection tool, it’s now possible to simply click on her and create a selection. Adobe has refined the tool this year to improve the selection of fine detail, such as hair:


Now, if I want to remove her from the photo, all I need do is click Shift + Delete and Adobe’s Content Aware Fill tool does the rest, with impressive results:

The entire process to remove an unwanted item from the photo took less than five seconds on my M1-powered MacBook Pro.

The tool isn’t flawless. It relies on objects being isolated and set against relatively clean backgrounds. Attempts to remove the woman in the middle of the image resulted in a glitched mess, because the software isn’t yet intelligent enough to fill in the man’s missing arm or the obscured part of his leg, for example.

Nevertheless, it could still be a superb timesaver for artists who just want an item quickly erased from an image.

Other improvements in Photoshop 2023 include a new “neural” filter that can help restore damaged photographs by automatically eliminating scratches and other artefacts.

The software is available to download now for Creative Cloud subscribers.


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