OWC’s Envoy Pro Mini Is The Perfect Pocket-Sized SSD For All Computers

OWC’s Envoy Pro Mini Is The Perfect Pocket-Sized SSD For All Computers

Whenever anyone asks if you’ve backed up your data, do you roll your eyes behind their back? So many people think backing up data is something other people should do but not something they need to bother with. But take it from me; your hard drive will fail one day. When it does, you will fall to your knees and pray to the technology gods when you realize that all your precious data could be gone forever.

I back up my work several times a day and use a rotating number of drives to ensure I am always covered should my iMac’s drive fail. If you don’t have an external drive for backing up your data, get one now! No excuses. Get into the habit of backing up. If you use a Mac, get some backup software like Belight’s Get Backup Pro. It doesn’t cost much and is worth every penny.

When it comes to external drives for backing up, the new OWC Envoy Pro Mini is a handy solution as it can be used with a wide range of devices. It’s a pocket-sized SSD, which means it’s fast and can provide the performance you’d normally expect from a full-sized SATA drive. It’s ideal for storing all types of data.

The OWC Envoy Pro Mini works with USB A and USB C/Thunderbolt interfaces on Macs, PCs, iPads, Chromebooks, Android tablets and Surface devices made over the past 15 years. The drive is available in capacities of 250GB, 500GB, and 1TB and offers a real-world transfer speed of up to 946MB/s.

As well as working as a regular data backup drive, the OWC Envoy Pro Mini can be used to launch an OS and apps on a remote machine. It’s ideal for backing up essential data like business presentations, a 24-track recording session or even for playing a movie on a Smart TV.

Using the Envoy Pro mini in a mixed Mac and Windows environment is easy if you use OWC’s MacDrivedoftware (sold separately). MacDrive runs in the background, so there is nothing to launch or learn. You plug in the Envoy Pro mini and get instant-read access and full write access. MacDrive also offers powerful formatting and partitioning features and can be used to repair basic disk issues.


Verdict: This handy, pocket-sized SSD is versatile thanks to its built-in USB A and USB C connectors. It’s fast and silent, plus it comes with a lanyard, so you can always keep it handy. With the ability to work with USB and Thunderbolt interfaces, the OWC Envoy Pro mini can work with almost any device, including iPad Pros. Highly recommended.

Pricing & Availability: ​The OWC Envoy Pro mini is available in 250GB, 500GB, and 1TB capacities from Macsales.com and prices start at $79.

More info: www.owc.com


  • Compatible with USB or Thunderbolt (USB-C) ports on Macs, PCs, iPads, Chromebooks, Android tablets and Surface devices.
  • Apple Time Machine and Windows File History ready.
  • PlayStation and Xbox compatible.
  • Bootable.
  • Slim profile to keep adjacent ports accessible.
  • Pocket-sized.
  • Heat-dissipating aluminum housing.
  • 3 Year OWC limited warranty.

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