New Molekule Tri-Power Filter Combines The Best Of All Worlds

New Molekule Tri-Power Filter Combines The Best Of All Worlds

Molekule is at it again, tweaking their tech to make their products even better. Except this time it isn’t a new type of purifier or a software update but the air filter itself.

Now with HEPA

Since Molekule came to market, they’ve touted the effectiveness of PECO technology. I’ve written about this a bunch of times already but it boils down to this: pathogens, molds, and active compounds get trapped in the PECO filter. The unique filter structure, combined with UV light, breaks down and destroys what’s caught (including viruses like Covid-19!).

While PECO is awesome technology, the thing that everyone always asks if it’s the same as HEPA. HEPA has impressive 99.97% particle capture efficiency. Then there’s Carbon filtering which adds an additional type of air scrubbing. While PECO tech is fantastic at neutralizing active compounds, viruses, and bacteria, it’s not quite the same.

So Molekule pulled a “Why not both” moment and combined all three types of filtration into one filter for both the Air Mini+ and Air Pro.

Jonathan Harris, CEO of Molekule, had this to say about the new filter:

“While many have come to know Molekule for our unique design and form factor, it is filter innovation that we are constantly focused on. The pandemic made HEPA filters a household name, and for good reason, they have great particle efficiency. After decades of research and development to launch PECO, and witnessing the impact that oxidation in air purification has had on hundreds of thousands of lives, the PECO-HEPA Tri-Power filter is combining the incredible innovative technology of destruction with the capture efficiency of HEPA.”

What Does The New Filter Do?

When you get it in-hand, you might not notice anything different. It looks pretty much like the standard PECO filter, except just a little more mottled. So why the fuss?

While a new type of air filter for your purifier might not seem like the most exciting news, reading through all the things that Molekule Mini+ and Pro purifiers can now eliminate with the Tri-Power Filter installed is kind of staggering.

From the press release:

  1. PECO: Molekule’s patented Photo ElectroChemical Oxidation technology is scientifically-proven to destroy pollutants including allergens, mold, viruses, bacteria, chemicals, and more. Developed through over 25 years of research and development, PECO-filters are coated with a nanocatalyst that performs a powerful chemical reaction that destroys organic pollutants at the smallest possible scale.
  2. HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filters have been the industry standard for air filtration in commercial spaces for decades. HEPA filters offer efficient particle protection that quickly captures airborne particulate matter and reduces dust and smoke particles.
  3. Carbon: Active carbon filters use adsorption to trap molecules and adhere them to the filter surface, removing toxic gasses including odors, chemical vapors and VOCs, and prevents these pollutants from circulating in the air. Molekule’s PECO technology adds a unique synergy to the carbon filtration process, with PECO working in conjunction with the carbon layer to destroy any pollutants that are adsorbed or pass through.

Long story short, Molekule air purifiers can now capture even more indoor air pollutants. That means the PECO tech can neutralize even more compounds. It brings Molekule even closer to their founders’ visions of better, safer indoor air for everyone.


With HEPA filtration added, Molekule can now provide devices for more facilities. Harris commented on the new business potential:

“This filter will also allow us to expand our B2B practice into spaces requiring HEPA filtration – like some government offices, schools, or public buildings – and our newly launched Molekule Air Platform will provide the software businesses need to manage a full suite of Molekule purifiers and track indoor air quality. With the White House calling on businesses to prioritize and improve indoor air quality for everyone, the air purification space will be an important sector to watch in the coming months and years. We see Molekule as a leader in this effort, and are committed to expanding our offerings so that more people can experience truly clean indoor air wherever they go.”

How Much Does It Cost?

So, how do you get a new filter? Head over to the Molekule site and select either Pro or Mini+ Tri-Power Filter. You can pick them up as part of a subscription or a la carte:

  • Air Mini+ (single purchase/a la carte): $99.99
  • Air Mini+ (12-month subscription): $159.99
  • Air Pro (single purchase/a la carte): $174.99
  • Air Pro (6-month subscription): $139.99

The new Tri-Power Filter comes at a small premium over the regular PECO-only filters. $10 more for the Mini+ and $15 more for the Pro. Unfortunately, for those of you who are using the original Molekule Purifier, there’s no mention of bringing the Tri-Power filter to the original purifier (likely due to complications with the dual filter setup).

So breathe a little easier, Molekule users. Your air is about to get that much cleaner.


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