Monoprice Launches Monolith MTM Powered Speakers With 100W Of Output

Monoprice Launches Monolith MTM Powered Speakers With 100W Of Output

Getting decent sound for a desktop or laptop requires something with more muscle than the puny little drivers built into most computers. To get something that can deliver the kind of oomph you might get from a soundbar, you need a proper pair of computer speakers. The latest pair to be announced by Monoprice is the new Monolith MTM Desktop Speakers. These relatively compact speakers have been tuned to deliver audiophile performance on a desktop.

With an accurate frequency response, sonic clarity, punchy and powerful bass, these new speakers can produce a spacious soundstage, even in a small area. The audio source can connect via analog RCA Phono and 3.5mm inputs. Alternatively, there are optical and USB digital inputs.

In addition, the Monolith MTM can connect wirelessly over Bluetooth with support for Qualcomm’s aptX HD audio codec for CD-quality sound. Meanwhile, at the front of the speakers is a headphone jack that enables the user to switch between speakers and headphones easily.

These new speakers have been engineered to provide a punchy and accurate sound thanks to an internal amplifier serving up to 100W per speaker. Each cabinet houses a 1.25″ silk dome tweeter and dual 4″ woofers. At each side of both cabinets are 5.25″ passive radiators to give the bass frequencies more push.

And for those who want even more bass, these speakers have a subwoofer output for adding an active low-end unit. Monoprice claims that the Monolith MTM have a dynamic sound with a smooth midrange, punchy bass and the kind of soundstage more usually found in audiophile-grade speakers at a higher price.


Like most speakers of this type, the Monolith MTM have a main speaker that houses the amplifier, while the second satellite speaker connects to the main unit via a length of speaker cable. To control the output of these computer speakers, Monoprice has supplied a remote with controls for adjusting volume, selecting inputs and sources, pairing with Bluetooth, plus controls for increasing treble and bass.

Pricing & Availability: The Monolith MTM 100W active computer speakers are available from today and cost $499.99.

More info:

Tech Specs:

  • Frequency response: 50Hz – 20kHz.
  • Woofers: 2 x 4″ cones.
  • Tweeters: 1 x 1.25″ silk dome.
  • Passive radiators: 2 x 5.25″ passive radiators.
  • Amplifier type: Class D.
  • Amplifier output power: 2 x 50W.
  • Inputs: Stereo analog RCA, digital optical S/PDIF, USB, Bluetooth.
  • Outputs: Mono analog subwoofer, 3.5mm headphones.
  • Bluetooth Version: 5.
  • Audio codecs: SBC, Qualcomm aptX HD.
  • Range: Up to 32 feet (10 meters).
  • Input power: 100 – 240V AC, 50/60Hz, 150W.
  • Dimensions: 6.3″ x 14.0″ x 7.9″ (160 x 355 x 200 mm).

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