Apple Finally Delivers On Last Year’s MacBook Promise

Apple Finally Delivers On Last Year’s MacBook Promise

Apple’s latest release of macOS – version 12.3 – sees the keenly awaited “full” release of Universal Control. Although it has been available in macOS for some time, this was only as a beta. Following a long period of public testing, Apple this week removed the label and promoted the service.

Announced last year at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference 2021, Universal Control allows Mac owners to use another Mac, or an iPad, as a secondary device. With the device displays next to each other you can easily slide the cursor on your MacBook screen over to the iPad to do some work, and then move it back again… dragging and dropping files if you need to.

You can also share input devices – such as the keyboard – so they can be used on the connected device, giving you continuity between the two environments.

Naturally, you need to be signed in to Apple’s cloud to do this, and as you would expect this is only available through Apple hardware. That creates a far more connected experience for the Apple fan, but it does create another velvet-lined garden around your hardware. This experience is only available if you buy multiple Apple products, which limits you to Apple’s view of the future.


Alongside the usual small bug fixes, the only other update of note in this version of macOS is a refreshed podcast application… a refresh that brings macOS back in line with the changes already found on iOS.

This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to Apple watchers. With Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference happening next month, Tim Cook and his team will be gearing up to launch the next version of maOS and promise many more software features for the platform.

Thankfully last year’s promises have made it out the door just in time.

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